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The UK's largest multi-make microcar Club

The Max Fun - Min Cost Club!

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Micro Maniacs Logo

The Micro Maniacs Club is the friendly and fun club for microcar owners and enthusiasts.

Come along into the friendly world of the Micro Maniacs Club where having fun is as important as the cars - we don't take ourselves too seriously.

You don't need to own a microcar to join the Micro Maniacs Club - just bring your enthusiasm to a Club meeting!

We welcome microcars of all makes and types, both classic and new, and enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes - both young and old.

small cars under 700cc (3 or 4 wheeled)
bubblecars/microcars, both classic and modern
any other 3-wheelers or unusual vehicles in a 'small' way
using your micro car or want to meet others who have them - you don't have to actually own a car to be a member
attending rallies and shows
taking part in runs out and meets/camping weekends
giving help and advice to others, or need help yourself
most importantly you want to enjoy yourself!

So, if you are interested in any of the following why not join us?

These are just some of the many types of micro cars out there - many of them have been or are currently owned by our members plus many, many more, too many to list.

AC Petite, Aixam, Ant, Ape, Autobianchi, Bamby, Bianchi, Berkeley, Bond Minicar, Bond Bug, BMW 600, BMW Isetta, Brutsch Mopetta, Champion, Citroën 2CV, Coronet, Cursor, Daihatsu, Fiat 126, Fiat 500, Fiat 600, Filby, Frisky, Fuldamobil, Ginko, Giotti-line, Goggomobil, Heinkel, Honda N600, Honda 700, Invacar, Kleinwagon, Kleinschnittger, Ladybird, Lomax, Lloyd, Maico, Mazda R360, Messerschmitt, Multipla, Nobel, NSU Prinz, Peel, Piaggio, Reliant, Rodley, Scammell, Scootacar, Smart Roadster, Spatz, Spider, Suzuki, Targa, Trabant, Triking, Trojan, Unicar, Velorex, Velum, Vespa, Zundapp.


Who are we?

The Micro Maniacs were formed as the East Yorkshire Micro Maniacs in 1989 when a few microcar enthusiasts in the East Riding got together to form a fun club.  The Maniacs have grown and now has around 200 members located throughout the UK and some overseas members as far afield as New Zealand.  Have a look at the map on the Membership page to get an idea of where our members live.


What do you get when you join the club? 

We issue a Club Magazine The Magniac 6 times a year to keep up-to-date with news, events, sales and gossip in the microcar world.  New members will receive a selection of back issues of The Magniac.

We organise the Northern Microcar Rally which is one of the largest annual microcar events in the North of England, and our Clubs social event of the year.  Numerous other week-end mini rallies and social activities take place throughout the year.

Membership Sticker

On joining, every member receives a Micro Maniacs Club Membership Sticker for the current year and a new sticker for each subsequent year upon renewal of subscription.


Spanner - Technical HelpFor members needing technical advice our Technical Help is only a phone call or an email away.


We have our own page on Facebook where members can keep up to date on the latest events and goings-on in the Microcar world.


What does it cost?

Annual UK membership costs £10, overseas £17.  So why not join us and become a 'Micro Maniac'?  Details are on our Membership page.

Our membership year runs from January to December.  To show why we are the 'Max Fun - Min Cost Club', if joining after 1st July, we are pleased to offer a special rate of £15 for an 18 month subscription.  Members joining after our last rally of the season (usually mid October) will have their standard membership of £10 carried over to the following year with no extra fee.

Member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

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